Treatments at Sedona spa resort.

See how it inspires you.

Everyone has a personal vision of the ideal luxury vacation spa resort experience. Challenge or indulgence. Retreat or connection. Honoring local culture, reflecting the simplicity of nature, or a unique combination. Choose what suits your style, and enjoy the wonders of Mii amo.

The destination spa has received numerous accolades for its evocative sense of place and the transforming and restorative treatments and therapies performed by its intuitive, highly trained therapists. Treatments are delivered with a combination of natural botanical extracts, signature blends of essential oils and lotions, and Native American inspiration. Services are always scheduled as full 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Many Mii amo treatments can be experienced in our outdoor wikiups.

“I came back transformed'

-Lisa, Mii amo repeat guest