three mountain bikers in canyon

Amazing Biking Adventures Each Month

Winter 2022

The first day of each month our Trail House highlights a different biking adventure. From E-Bikes to mountain bikes, there is a biking adventure for every level.

Individualized biking adventures are available every day through our Trail House.

For information on all our biking adventures available during your stay, please call our Adventure Advisors at (928) 203-8407 or reserve your experience online.

October: E-Bike Sunset Excursion

Explore the wonders of Sedona’s amazing wilderness on an electric pedal assist bicycle. This road bike excursion will take you to hidden visual treasures where our guide will stop along the way to capture Sedona’s topography using your camera or smartphone.

November: Sunset Ride the Red Rocks

Join one of our expert guides for a ride in the golden light of the Sedona sunset. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape as the day cools and the sky begins to glow orange, pink and purple.

December: Beginning Mountain Bike Adventure

Join us for a ride on amazing single-track trails just outside the resort. Learn from our expert mountain bike guides as they share tips and help you hone your skills to make you a more confident rider.