Boynton Canyon under dark starry sky

Hiking Under the Stars New Moon

Summer 2022

The New Moon is a time to create new beginnings and manifest the wishes and desires in your life. Guests of Enchantment Resort are invited to join special New Moon Hikes to experience the red rocks under the stars.

Hike beneath Sedona’s breathtaking dark sky without moonlight (new moon). Experience the Milky Way’s sparkling band as it stretches above the star-lit cliffs of the Red Rocks. Sedona is a dark sky community, so it is the perfect place to experience stunning night skies on this unforgettable hike after dark.

This activity is scheduled each month, weather permitting, and lasts approximately 2.5 hours.

If you are visiting Enchantment Resort on a date other than a New Moon, Hiking Under the Stars is offered nightly.

For information on all our hiking adventures available during your stay, please call our Adventure Advisors at (928) 203-8407 or reserve your experience online.

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  • June 28
    July 28
    August 27
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