Native American Influenced Experiences

Boynton Canyon has long been known as a place of spiritual inspiration and healing. According to Yavapai-Apache legend, it is where First Woman — with the sun and rain gods — restored the tribe to their long-cherished land. At Enchantment Resort, we honor the Native American culture with thoughtfully crafted experiences influenced by Native American traditions.


Crystal Grotto

The philosophical heart of Mii amo is the Crystal Grotto, a special place inspired by a Native American kiva. The circular room has an oculus in the domed ceiling positioned to focus the sun’s rays (on the day of the summer solstice) directly onto a quartz crystal in the center of the room. These rays link the heavens and earth by “lighting” a petrified wood fountain and crystal mandala on the Grotto’s earthen floor. Every morning, guests are invited to join the Morning Ritual in the Crystal Grotto where they are guided towards acknowledging and setting their intentions for the day.

Journey of Forgiveness Hike

Hike the Sedona red rocks and learn about the flora, fauna, geology and spirituality of Sedona. Take a mindful journey into the heart and practice forgiveness.

Inner Quest

Reflective of a Native American ceremony and ritual, this spa treatment offered at Mii amo utilizes elements sacred to Native Americans. The four directions are honored, sweet grass is burned and The Circle of Life Blanket is used to create the warmth of a sweat lodge and to honor tribal elders.

Meditation Walk

Quiet the mind, ground the body and open the heart with a guided meditation walk in the Mii amo labyrinth.

Native American Demonstrating Artists

Experience an artist at work in various mediums from silver-smithing to painting. Select pieces are available for purchase in the resort’s retail Marketplace.

Native American Flute Experience

Enjoy the incredible sounds of Navajo or Northern Ute/ Dine flute songs from an award-winning flutist while you learn the history of this timeless instrument. This experience is offered daily at 5pm at View 180.

Native American Teaching Hike

Join our Native guide and learn how ancient and modern peoples connect with the high desert environment.

Spirit Of The New Moon

The New Moon is the best time for manifesting your deepest desires and wishes. This spa treatment begins with you writing down your intention for the coming months. A foot bath and full body massage follow. Offered at Mii amo, exclusively on days around the New Moon.

Solstice and Equinox Celebrations

Enchantment Resort hosts a series of events around a solstice orientation. Celebrations have included Hopi Corn Dancers, Yavapai-Apache Crown Dancers, Yavapai-Apache guitar performances, Medicine Wheel walks and Native American cooking demonstrations. Visit our event calendar to learn more.

Soul Seeker

A spa treatment inspired by Native American tradition. A master therapist provides techniques to help support a heightened awareness, a new perspective, or reconnection with your inner self. The techniques used may include guided imagery, energy soul journeying, emotional release and breath work.

Experience Endless Adventure

Discover the unique experiences at Enchantment Resort in Sedona. Whether you prefer hitting the links or the trails, nurturing your artistic side or sculpting your body, you’ll never tire of the options.