Spiritual inspiration at resort in Sedona, Arizona.

Our respect is deep

Standing guard at the entrance to Boynton Canyon, the resort honors the Native people who called this region home.

Sceanic views from Sedona resort in Arizona.


Boynton Canyon has long been known as a place of spiritual inspiration and healing. According to Yavapai-Apache legend, it is where First Woman — with the sun and rain gods — restored the tribe to their long-cherished land. This vivid landscape was, and is, home to a variety of Native American tribes; including, the Hopi, Yavapai, Apache and Navajo. We invite you to discover the land, in combination with the wisdom and traditions of the people who lived here before and live here now, through our Native American experiences. Our ongoing initiative is aimed at accurately and respectfully presenting all aspects of Native American history and culture in ways consistent with tribal values and traditions. 


The resort’s adobe architecture was designed to evoke the ancient cliff dwellings that were once temporary homes to Native communities. We hope you discover the area’s rich heritage and culture through our thoughtful and diverse experiences, which have been developed in concert with local Native American tribes. These guest experiences include performers and participants from area tribes whose elders have approved their participation to educate and interact with the resort's guests. In addition, Mii amo, a destination spa, offers treatments and experiences that incorporate Native American influences and healing elements.

Casitas at Sedona, Arizona resort.


History: Daily, on the in-room televisions, the resort presents “Che Ah Chi: The History of Boynton Canyon,” a 30-minute documentary that offers an intriguing look at the canyon through the oral history and wisdom of tribal elders and geological experts.

Solstice and Equinox Celebrations: Hosted annually, a series of events that includes a solstice orientation. Past celebrations have included Hopi Corn Dancers, Yavapai-Apache Crown Dancers, Yavapai-Apache guitar performances, Medicine Wheel walks and Native American cooking demonstrations.

Canyon Conservationists: Enchantment Resort is dedicated to preserving the natural lands and historic culture of Sedona. This program features on-request events designed to educate and encourage our guests to interact with the land in a sustainable manner. Learn More

Camp Coyote: Designed to educate and entertain children ages 4-12 years, this program includes Native American-inspired arts and crafts such as dream catcher making, pinch pots and gourd decoration.  Learn More

Enchantment works to honor and protect the history of Boynton Canyon.  From the ancient waters that created incredible red rock walls, to the tribes who revered this sacred setting, from the homesteaders and Native Americans who lived and worked here, to the 21st-century visitors and habitants who appreciate Boynton Canyon's fascinating history and archeology, our indigenous experiences express what makes the home of Enchantment Resort such a remarkable site.