Educational Outings

Archeological Ruins Hike: Learn about the Sinagua Tribe that inhabited Boynton Canyon from about 650 to 1300 A.D. as well as the plants and animals that were used to survive in a high desert environment. Using binoculars, you will also view some of the local cliff dwellings. Saturdays - 2.5 hours including discussion, limited hiking. $110 per person.

Devil's Kitchen Hike: The Devil’s Kitchen is Sedona’s largest and most active sinkhole. This is a beautiful hike with fabulous views of Coffee Pot Rock, Munds Mountain Range and Wilson Mountain. Mondays or on request - 3 hours. $130 per person

Native American Teachings Hike: Our Native American hiking guide will take you on a beautiful, local trail outside the Resort, where he will share the traditions of his people and how they live and honor the natural world around them. The Painted Desert will come alive for you in a whole new way! Friday and on request - $120 per person 

Natural History Hike: Learn about the native flora, fauna and the geology of the red rocks from a local naturalist on this fun and informative hike. On request - 2.5 hours.  $110 per person

Sedona History and Geology Hike: The fascinating and colorful history of Sedona will come to life – from the first encounter in the 1500’s of the Spaniards and the Apache and Hopi Indians to the local people who homesteaded to the oldest mining town, Jerome. On the trail, you will be stepping back in time as you view ancient sedimentary layers from 270 to 350 million years old and discussing the special geology that makes Sedona unique. Wednesdays or on request - 2.5 hours. $110 per person.

Bird Watching Hike: Join our local Audubon Society member and avid birder for a relaxed hike through a lush riparian area along Oak Creek or on one of our local hiking trails using birding binoculars.  Learn about the resident and migrant species in the area.  3.5 hours.  16 and older. - $105

Tibetan Buddhist Temple Hike: A visit to this Buddhist temple includes time to do a traditional meditation and make an auspicious offering, followed by an inspiring short hike near Sedona's famous Chimney Rock.  2.5 hours.  If booked far enough in advance, Stupa caretaker may be available to give tour. - $90

Spiritual Destinations

Table Top Mountain Hike: The Airport vortex provides one of the most expansive views of Sedona and this activity includes more vigorous hiking as well as meditation to connect you to the masculine energy which surrounds you. Wednesdays or on request - 3 hours. $130 per person

Cathedral Rock Vortex Experience: Drive from the resort past some of Sedona’s most iconic rock formations to one of the area’s main energy centers. You will learn the history and get an explanation of what a vortex is and how they work. Also, feel the power of the vortex through a guided meditation while you quiet your mind. This experience includes hiking--how much will be determined by the group. Thursdays and Fridays or on request - 4 hours. $130 per person

Spirit of Nature: Identify with the spirit of nature on this easy hike and experience how nature may be trying to connect to YOU in signs and omens. 2.5 hours. - $90

Leisurely Jaunts

Family Hike: Enjoy an exceptional experience in nature with the family that will inspire your children to love and appreciate the outdoors. Minimum age is 8 years. This is the perfectly paced hike for kids. On request - 2.5 hours. Pricing Varies 

Hike the Red Rocks: Explore Sedona's finest hiking trails with our knowledgeable guides. Space is limited to 6 per hike so advanced sign up and prompt attendance is required. Please arrive at the Activity Center 15 minutes prior. Ages 12 and over.  Daily - 2.5 hours - may include driving time.  $60 per person

Sunrise Jaunt & Java: Rise with the sun and experience one of Sedona’s most breathtaking views after a short climb up Table Top Mountain near Sedona Airport. We’ll stop at our local Starbuck’s for a pick-me-up on the way back to the Resort. Thursdays and Saturdays (or on request) - approximately 1.5 hours. $70 per person

Strenuous Speeds

Power Hike: Get your heart rate going for 5 miles along Red Rock trails – no need for the gym after this hike! On request - 2.5 hours.  $90 per person

Trail Run: Improve your fitness level during this intermediate level run on one of Sedona’s scenic hiking trails. Up to five miles, with one of our guides, will leave you breathless! Running shoes required. On request - 2.5 hours. $100 per person

Bear Mountain | The Hangover | Wilson Mountain: These hikes are considered the absolute best Sedona has to offer. Enjoy the spectacular views that only can be reached because you climbed there (no ropes - only legs!). This hiking is considered strenuous and if you’re afraid of heights, not advisable. We will provide drinks and snacks as well as hiking poles, backpacks and water. Unforgettable is what to expect here! 5 hours. On request. $250 per person/per hike.

Group Packages 

Half Day Hiking Adventure: Hike of up to 4 hours combining various trails. Photo opportunities abound as you travel through the Coconino National Forest linking many of our most beautiful trails. The Half Day is a shuttled hike with drop-off and pick-up so the trail ahead is always new. Drinks and snacks included.

1 person    $255                    4 people    $380

2 people    $280                    5 people    $430

3 people    $330                     6 people    $455

Private Guided Hiking: If you are interested in having a private hiking experience, not listed above, with one of our expert guides, please inquire. 

1 person   $130                    4 people    $225

2 people    $165                    5 people    $265

3 people    $185                    6 people    $285

Nightfall Adventures

Full Moon Hike: Begin the hike just before sunset and watch as the moon rises while you hike back in the dark – head lamps, flashlights and hiking poles are provided. The excursion will be held during cloudy weather. This hike takes place monthly on the day before the full moon, or by request. Departure times vary with the seasons. 2.5 hours. $110 per person

Hiking Under the Stars: As headlamps or flashlights light some of Sedona's best trails, you will see hiking in a whole new way! Hiking experience is required, ages 16 and over. On request - approximately 2.5 hours. $110 per person

For more information, call 928.204.6015 or x303 on property.

Specialty Mountain Biking


Guests staying at Enchantment Resort or Mii amo can rent Pivot mountain bikes.Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance via the Activities Team, last minute rental availability is not guaranteed.

Pivot Mach 6 27.5 Aluminum XT 1X mountain bikes can be rented with or without Dropper Seat Post, and are available in S, M, L, XL.

Pivot Mach 6 27.5 Carbon Fiber XT 1X can be rented with a Dropper Seat Post, and are available in M, L, XL.

Pivot Mach 5.5 27.5 Carbon Fiber can be rented with a Dropper Seat Post, and are available in M, L only. 

Pivot Mountain bikes offer a unique biking experience for the avid mountain biker. (Must be 18 or older).

For Everyone

Beginner Mountain Bike Skills: This weekly class is for those just starting out riding the trails. You will spend time on property mastering the basics, and then head out onto trails near the resort. There will be stops along the way as the guide shows you hot to approach the terrain to maximize your ride. Minimum 2 hours. Mondays and Saturdays. $60 per person

Private Beginner Adult Mt. Bike Skills: Our expert guides helps beginners learn basic skills or more experienced riders improve their technical skills. Braking, shifting, balance techniques, hopping, cornering, roll-offs and launching are practiced on property and, as you improve, on the local trails. Six people maximum. 2 hours. On request. $115 per person

Family Mt. Bike Adventure: The area around the resort is filled with extensive trails for the family to explore. Having a guide show you the way and help the family learn together will make everyone excited to mountain bike for years to come. For ages 7 and up. Minimum two and maximum six people. 2 hours. On request. Price Varies.

Junior Mt. Bike Skills: A class for the up-and-coming riders in the family. Learn basic and technical skills with one of our mountain bike guides. Instruction is held on resort property and on the local trails, according to ability. Ages 7-16 years old. Maximum six attendees. 2 hours. On request.  $90 per person

Mountain Bike Excursion: Enjoy the beautiful red rock country as your guide leads you on one of the many trails surrounding the resort. Advanced sign up and prompt attendance is required. Please arrive at Mii amo 10 minutes to prior. Ages 14 and over. Maximum six attendees. Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. $60 per person

Mountain Biking Under the Stars: For intermediate to advanced riders only. Headlamps light your way under the stars and you will see trail riding in a whole new light. Maximum six attendees. 2 hours. On request. $130 per person

Sunset Mountain Bike Adventure: Explore our local single track biking trails as the day cools and the sky begins to glow pink and purple. Minimal mountain biking experience required. Maximum six attendees. 2 hours. On request. $110 per person

Advanced Adult Mt. Bike Skills: Hone your mountain biking skills even further with our expert guide. Trail difficulty and technical skill levels increase as you master Sedona’s best single track trails. Be ready to advance your riding to the next level! Six people maximum. 2 hours. On request. $115 per person

Advanced Mt. Bike Adventure: Intermediate and advanced adventures on some of the finest trails in Sedona are on this itinerary. Test your ability and learn new skills as you view the breathtaking scenery. Trail snacks and power drinks provided. Six riders per guide. Ages 14 and older. Up to four hours. On request.

1 person   $255                    4 people   $380

2 people   $280                    5 people   $430

3 people   $330                    6 people   $455

Women's Mountain Biking

Diamonds in the Rough: Spend 2 hours learning the basics of mountain biking with female instructors. Equipment included. On request only. $95 per person

Exclusive Ladies Biking Adventure: Intermediate and advanced adventures led by female guides on scenic trails outside the resort will capitalize on new-found skills. Power snacks/drinks, full suspension mountain bike and helmet provided. Maximum six ladies per guide. Up to 4 hours. On request. 

1 person   $255                    4 people   $380

2 people   $280                    5 people   $430

3 people   $330                    6 people   $455

Local taxes and gratuities are not included in the above prices. Registration is required for all scheduled, paid activities.  Cancelations must be made 4 hours before the activity to avoid being charged the full amount.  Activities may be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions.  Prices and times are subject to change.

*All hiking and biking activities operate under permit with the Coconino National Forest.

Please contact the Activities Center at 928.203.8407 or the Concierge at 928.204.6014 (or ext. 303)  to book your spot.