Grand Canyon area resort in Sedona, Arizona.
Resort in Boynton Canyon near Grand Canyon.

A storied past

No one knows when the first humans arrived in Boynton Canyon, but thismagnificent setting is part of the creation story told by the eldersfrom various Arizona tribes. The prehistoric watersthat covered the Southwest left behind incredible red rock formations,which, in turn, attracted ancient peoples — seeking places of naturalbeauty and energy.

Enchantment Resort lives up to its spectacular setting with architectureand activities that pay tribute to the history of this colorful region.

A place of immense healing

The mysterious Boyton Canyon, known also known by the Apache name, Che Ah Chi, has an intriguing history that includes dramatic earth changes, prehistoric ruins, creation stories, inhabitants and healing waters.

As History is made

Homesteader John Boeington, whose name became associated with thecanyon, was only one of the early settlers. Miners, ranchers and NativeAmericans who struggled to survive in the region were all drawn by thenatural pageantry of the breathtaking red rock walls.

The Pioneers

In more recent history, homesteader JohnBoeington, whose name became associated with the canyon, was only one ofthe area’s early settlers. Miners, ranchers and Native Americans wereall drawn by the natural pageantry of the breathtaking red rock walls. 

Mountain landscape surrounding Sedona resort in Arizona.
Stunning Boynton Canyon resortnear Grand Canyon.

After Boeington left, other land owners included a Montanarancher, theliterary secretary of Western novelist Zane Grey, amid-century residentwho built a 9,000-square-foot mansion, and eventually tennis legend JohnGardiner who had plans for a hotel in Sedona.

A most compelling attraction

In 1987, John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch opened on the beautiful grounds within Boynton Canyon, and guests from all over the world responded enthusiastically. “Enchantment Resort” became an even more appropriate moniker, as travelers soon discovered the compelling allure of the resort’s architecture — captivating design that reflects the spectacular setting amidst crimson monoliths, Coconino sandstone, cool pine forests and fields dotted with wildflowers.

Homage to the past

Enchantment Resort pays tribute to those who lived here first, with a Native American Program unlike any other hotel in the region. Guests enjoy exploring the hiking trails and ancient ruins amidst the Secret Mountain Wilderness as a delightful contrast to the luxurious splendor of the resort's world-class dining and destination spa.