Resort Amenities

  • pool at enchantment resort
  • pickleball
  • Entrance to Enchantment Trail House brick building with fire pit and chairs around
  • Trail House Expert Guides showing trails to guests
  • tennis
  • mii amo morning ritual
  • living room at Mi amo
  • massage
  • yoga in mii amo movement studio
  • seven canyons golf course
  • stargazing at enchantment resort

We look forward to welcoming you to the heart of Boynton Canyon. Whether you are coming to Sedona to play or to pause, we encourage you to explore the grandeur of the red rocks that surround our beautiful resort and town. Explore a variety of resort services and programs intended to make your stay more enjoyable.

Daily Resort Fee

A daily resort fee per single unit will be charged for a variety of amenities that elevate your experience. A list of featured amenities include:

    • Resort Parking
    • Exclusive access to reserve a service at Mii amo Spa Services (Ages 16+)
    • Mii amo Morning Ritual
    • Mii amo Evening Meditation
    • Mii amo Wellbeing Presentations
    • Mii amo Labyrinth Walk
    • Mii amo Vortex Lecture, Sundays and Thursdays
    • Access to Mii amo Fitness & Movement Studios (Ages 16+)
    • Access to Members-Only Seven Canyons Golf Club, Shuttle & Dining
    • Access to expert Trail House Adventure Advisors
    • Stargazing, Tuesday and Saturday Evenings with Resort Astronomer
    • Main Pool and Adult Pools
    • Pickleball Court Access & Paddles
    • Tennis Court Access & Racquets
    • Cornhole, Foosball & Air Hockey
    • Phone Calls Within the Continental United States

Pet-Friendly Resort

Enchantment is a pet-friendly resort welcoming your four-legged friend for outdoor adventure and treasured memories. Providing dog lovers and their pets a one-of-a-kind vacation experience, Enchantment offers dog-friendly hiking trails steps from the resort, a dog welcome amenity upon arrival, and more.