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A Sedona Resort Unlike Any Other

Surrounded by the towering red rock walls of Boynton Canyon, Enchantment combines the rugged grandeur of the Southwest landscape with equal parts luxury. Nestled within 70-acres of natural terrain, Enchantment features 218, one-story guest accommodations with panoramic views of red rock formations and embodies the natural beauty and special energy of Sedona and the American Southwest.

About Enchantment Resort

Enriching Experiences

Move and be moved with epic adventures at Enchantment Resort and over 140 weekly activities crafted with your experience in mind.

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Best Sedona Restaurants

Discover exceptional Sedona dining at Enchantment Resort featuring fresh ingredients, imaginative menus, award-winning wines and views that take your breath away.


Mii amo, a destination spa

Guests 16 and over, enjoy exclusive access to the award-winning Mii amo spa, located on the Enchantment Resort grounds. Attend a morning ritual in the Crystal Grotto, indulge in a signature spa treatment or find nourishment at the Mii amo Cafe.

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A Room with a View

Our guest accommodations feature private decks or patios and cozy fireplaces to make you feel at home. Choose from a selection of casitas, one or two-bedroom suites, or pool suites.

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Meet Our Guides

Enchantment Resort is home to some of the most experienced hiking and mountain biking guides available to enrich your knowledge of the trails, the native land and the art of the sport.

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The Legend of Boynton Canyon

Boynton Canyon, also known by the Apache name, Che Ah Chi, has an intriguing history that includes dramatic earth changes, prehistoric ruins, creation stories, inhabitants and healing waters. A sacred place for many Native American tribes, Boynton Canyon has been referred to as the Yavapai-Apache Garden of Eden.

According to the legend, hundreds of years ago Yavapai-Apache prophets foretold of the coming of a great flood that would destroy their tribe. At that time, a wise man of the tribe created a boat out of a hollow cottonwood log and put into it his young daughter, a bird and some food; provisions to keep her safe during the prophesied flood.

She survived in the log until the water receded and her boat came to rest once again on the ground, and found herself in what is now known as Boynton Canyon. It is said that her footprints were left in the wet earth of the Canyon.

Enchantment Resort lives up to its spectacular setting with architecture and activities that pay tribute to the region.

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Our Storied Past

Miners, ranchers and Native Americans who struggled to survive in the region were all drawn by the natural pageantry of the breathtaking red rock walls. Homesteader John Boeington, whose name became associated with the canyon, was only one of the early settlers.

After Boeington left, other land owners included a Montana rancher, the literary secretary of Western novelist Zane Grey, a mid-century resident who built a 9,000-square-foot mansion, and eventually tennis legend John Gardiner who had plans for a hotel in Sedona.

In 1987, John Gardiner’s Tennis Ranch opened and guests from all over the world responded enthusiastically. “Enchantment Resort” became an even more appropriate moniker, as travelers soon discovered the compelling allure of the resort’s architecture — captivating design that reflects the spectacular setting amidst crimson monoliths, Coconino sandstone, cool pine forests and fields dotted with wildflowers.