woman doing yoga off of top tier of Red Rocks

Fitness & Exercise

Find balance through a variety of movements that encourage you to explore out and uncover a world of vibrant health and wellbeing. Our concierge is pleased to assist you with reservations for activities that enhance your upcoming stay. Please call (928) 204-6014 or email concierge@enchantmentresort.com. All activities are subject to change based on seasonality and weather.

Gentle Walks & Stretching

Morning Stretch

Awaken the body with a morning relaxing stretch, while watching the sunrise over the canyon.

Candlelit Stretch

A gentle candlelit stretch to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Foam Roller Fusion

Release muscular tension, improve mobility and increase circulation by utilizing a foam roller and other fitness tools.

Canyon Walk

It’s not where you go, but that you go. Awaken the body and revitalize the senses with a picturesque and mindful walk around the resort grounds.

Barre, Pilates and Yoga

Barre Conditioning

Lengthen, strengthen and increase flexibility with a full body conditioning workout, incorporating ballet barre.


Improve posture, body alignment, muscle endurance, balance, coordination and mental awareness with a workout that engages the entire core.

All Ages Yoga

A fun version of gentle energy yoga with tapping, stretching and movement, this activity takes place outdoors and is great for families.

Full Spectrum Yoga

Explore various yoga postures, flows and meditation and breathing techniques.

Vinyasa Yoga

Synchronize the body’s breath and movement to re-energize and refresh the soul.

Yin Yoga

Lower body stretches that target the deep connective tissues and fascia in the body through passive, longer-held poses, increasing energy flow, quieting the mind and improving flexibility.

Qi Gong

Rejuvenating Chinese exercise, concentrating on focused and graceful movements for balance and fitness.

Strength & Toning


Utilize a half-ball BOSU Trainer to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Total Body Toning

Come enjoy body weight toning and strengthening exercises followed by gentle stretching.

Experience Endless Adventure

Discover the unique experiences at Enchantment Resort in Sedona. Whether you prefer hitting the links or the trails, nurturing your artistic side or sculpting your body, you’ll never tire of the options.