Commitment to environment at Grand Canyon area resort.

Natural respect

The resort is committed to honoring and preserving this land and its heritage, both through a partnership with the National Forest Service and through a widespread "greening" program. 

Conservation gardens at resort near Grand Canyon.

It's good to be green

Our ongoing "green" efforts encompass recycling everything from paper to batteries, purchasing local goods and services to reduce the carbon footprint, offering organic wines and keycards made from renewable crops, using biodegradable cleaning agents, composting landscape cuttings, and far more.

Preserving what matters most

Equally important to celebrating the earth and its resources is a deep and abiding respect for the land surrounding the resort, which led Enchantment Resort to establish the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund in cooperation with the National Forest Service. Trail guides provide information to guests about the flora, fauna and  Native American archaeological sites as they lead them along canyon trails.  Children attending Camp Coyote learn about nature in this beautiful, ecologically diverse land.