Sustainable Practices

Boynton Canyon View

Canyon Care

The Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund, established nearly two decades ago by Enchantment Resort, is dedicated to preserving Boynton Canyon and its trails. A portion of the tour fee for all Trail House hike and bike tours goes directly to the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund. In addition, resort employees volunteer twice a year to clean up and maintain the trails.
hikers on red rock trail

Leave No Trace

Our team encourages resort guests to adopt the Leave No Trace principles while enjoying the Sedona trail system. Planning ahead, respecting wildlife, disposing trash properly and sticking to the marked trails using the Trail Forks app. Operating off satellite technology, guests have a safe, reliable map that tracks in real time. Allowing hikers to stay on marked trails and preserving the fragile, biological soils that make up much of the desert floor.
prickly pear cactus

Water Initiatives

Water conservation serves everyone. The resort’s private onsite wastewater treatment plant supplies reclaimed water for irrigation and the landscaping team has phased out non-native plants to minimize water use and better align with the natural ecosystem.

Each guestroom is equipped with water-efficient shower heads and toilets, and guests are offer the option to reuse towels to reduce water consumption for laundry services.
Join the Pipe, sustainable water bottle

Join the Pipe

We are passionate about educating our guests on the importance of hydration while being active in Sedona! At an elevation of 4,500 ft., the impacts of elevation on hydration should always be taken seriously. In partnership with the non-profit organization Join the Pipe, each guest is gifted a reusable water bottle made from biodegradable sugarcane. Join the Pipe provides clean drinking water in developing countries by supporting clean-up projects, reducing plastic waste, tackling plastic pollution at the source, and providing healthier living conditions to communities in need. Our retail shops sell non-plastic bottles as a more sustainable alternative to bottled water, keeping plastics out of the environment and off the trails.
garden view at Mii amo with flowers and butterfly

Culinary Waste Reduction

Enchantment’s menus are curated intentionally to offer world-class dining experiences but also to reduce our impact on the environment. Our chefs select local and regionally sourced ingredients to not only offer the freshest, finest quality, but to also reduce the impact on transportation and gas emissions. Preference is given to suppliers that utilize the most sustainable farming practices where possible. Hummingbird at Mii amo partners with a local farm to compost the restaurant’s food scraps, reducing waste and returning valuable nutrients back to the soil. Composted food scraps are also fed to the chickens and ducks who in turn provide the restaurant with eggs, further enhancing our eco-responsible model.
golf cart, employee waving


Battery-powered golf cart shuttles for guests are available 24 hours offering clean and quiet transportation around the 70 acre property. Five charging stations are available on site, encouraging guests to travel to the resort with their electric vehicles. Through our partnership with Volvo Cars, Enchantment offers guests two hybrid vehicles available for complimentary use during each stay. As a benefit to our employees, the resort offers a daily shuttle to and from work to further reduce emissions.