Commitment to environment at Grand Canyon area resort.

Eco Stewardship

Enchantment Resort® is committed to honoring and preserving this land and its heritage, both through a partnership with the National Forest Service and through a widespread "greening" program. 


The Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund, established nearly two decades ago by Enchantment Resort® through ACF of Sedona, was born out of a desire to honor and preserve the surrounding red rock landscape. In conjunction with Enchantment Resort’s 30th anniversary celebration, we are pleased to announce that $5 of the fee for guided hiking and biking activities will be set aside in the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund. This investment will provide philanthropic support to activities that honor and preserve the land and its cultural heritage.

Through Camp Coyote, children also have the opportunity to learn about nature in this beautiful, ecologically diverse land.


Our ongoing "green" efforts encompass recycling everything from paper to batteries, purchasing local goods and services to reduce the carbon footprint, offering organic wines and keycards made from renewable crops, using biodegradable cleaning agents, composting landscape cuttings, and far more.


To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Resort and our continuing dedication to preserving the the flora and fauna that were here long before we arrived, we will be featuring weekly programs all year long. These programs are designed for the whole family and include guided nature hikes, hive and honey lessons, special guest speakers, interactive demonstrations and much more! Learn More