Specialty Hiking in Sedona

Experience the natural beauty of Sedona with a guided private, group or individual hike through some of the most stunning terrain in the country. Enjoy easy access to many trails as Boynton Canyon is located just outside of your door. Enchantment Resort is pleased to assist you in choosing the right hike that’s fit for your skill level and interest. Please call our Adventure Advisors at (928) 203-8407 or reserve a hike online.

Enchantment Resort operates under permit by the Coconino National Forest.

Enchantment Resort Daily Hiking Tours

Boynton Canyon Vortex Hike

Hike from Enchantment Resort to one of the legendary energy centers in Sedona, located right on your doorstep in Boynton Canyon. Hike along a moderate trail, learn about the vortex phenomenon, and experience this area’s balancing energetic patterns through a guided meditation.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Experience

Drive with us from Enchantment Resort past some of Sedona’s most iconic rock formations to one of the area’s world-famous energy centers. Hike along a moderate trail, learn about vortex energies, and experience the area’s predominantly female energetic patterns through a guided meditation.

Hike the Red Rocks (most popular)

Join one of Enchantment Resort’s expert hiking guides on our daily morning group hike. Explore Sedona’s most scenic trails and enjoy breathtaking views along the way as your guide teaches you about the indigenous plants and native animals in the area.

Sunset Hike the Red Rocks

Follow your guide and experience the brilliant colors of Sedona´s red rocks at sunset. Enjoy the views and focus on your souvenir photos while your guide helps navigate the trails. Along the way, your guide will teach you about the indigenous plants, native animals and a few geological highlights!

Table Top Vortex Experience

Drive with us from Enchantment Resort to mythical Table Top Vortex to enjoy expansive views and encounter this area’s special energy. This activity includes moderate hiking, some portions of which are along ledges, and a guided meditation to connect you to the masculine energy which prevails here.

Hiking Guides’ Top Picks

Bird Watching Hike

Join a local Audubon Society member and avid birder for a relaxed hike through a lush riparian area along Oak Creek or on one of our local hiking trails using birding binoculars. Learn about the resident and migrant species in the area.

Boynton Canyon Vortex Hike

Hike from Enchantment Resort to one of the legendary energy centers in Sedona, located right on your doorstep in Boynton Canyon. Hike along a moderate trail, learn about the vortex phenomenon, and experience this area ́s balancing energetic patterns through a guided meditation.

Hiking Under the Stars

Hike beneath the Milky Way’s sparkling band to view the star-lit and moon-lit cliffs of Sedona! Experience our stunning night skies on this unforgettable hike after dark along a moderate trail.

Full Moon Hike

Begin this fabulous hike along moderate trails just before sunset and watch as the moon rises over the Red Rocks. Hike back at twilight and under the moon’s glow – head lamps, flashlights and hiking poles are provided. This hike departs on the day before the full moon and/or on the full moon.

The Challenge Series

Half Day Guided Hiking Adventure

Enjoy a half day of adventure with one of our expert hiking guides. Traverse Sedona’s striking trails at your own pace and look up to enjoy the views while the guide navigates the trails for you. With over 50 hiking trails to choose from, you have access to all of Sedona. Choose from an easy, moderate, or strenuous hiking adventure. Our half day strenuous hikes will take you to Sedona’s highest peaks and include trails like Bear Mountain, Hangover Summit, and Wilson Mountain. Looking for a more gentle pace? Allow our guides to navigate you through scenic valleys and canyons, while red rock spires tower above you.

Expect strenuous half day hikes to gain 800′-2,300′ of elevation and be a minimum of 2.5 miles long. Hiking boots and the capacity to carry 2 liters of water per person is required.

Sunrise Hike the Red Rocks

Rise with the sun and experience Sedona’s most breathtaking views in the early morning light. Enjoy the quiet and solitude of daybreak along a moderate trail.

Trail Run

Improve your fitness level during this intermediate level run along Sedona’s scenic hiking trails. Up to five miles will leave you breathless! Running shoes required.

Educational & Spiritual Excursions

Archaeological Ruins Hike

Explore the history of the Sinagua culture that inhabited Boynton Canyon from about 650 to 1300 A.D. View ancient cliff dwellings through binoculars and learn about the use of plants, animals, and weather patterns for survival in this high desert environment.

Bird Walk at Resort

Join an Audubon Society expert birder for a gentle stroll through Resort grounds to observe, listen for and identify the many bird species present, using birding binoculars. The unique ecosystem and varied habitat attract a variety of neotropical migrants and year-round residents.

Red Rock Photography Tour

As we drive to several stunning vistas, expand your skills under the guidance of an expert photography guide. Learn techniques to take better landscape and nature photos during the 2.5-hour lesson. Beginners to advanced welcome – bring your mirrorless camera, DSLR, or iPhone. Come home with dramatic photos worthy of framing from one of the most beautiful places in the world!

Tibetan Buddhist Stupa Hike

Stupas are one of the oldest forms of sacred architecture on the planet, and although they are very rare in the Western world, Sedona is home to one. Join us on a visit to this stupa, experience a traditional meditation and make an auspicious offering, followed by a hike near Chimney Rock along moderate trails.

Enchantment Resort Guides

Enchantment Resort is home to some of the most skillfully trained hiking guides in the country. Our expert hiking guides lead you beneath soaring sandstone cliffs or through high desert pinyon and juniper forests on memorable trails that will take your breath away.

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