two people sitting on a rock formation looking out at the forest

Hike the Red Rocks

With unimaginable beauty, towering cliffs and scenic red rocks, you’re sure to discover the amazing beauty of Sedona hiking during your visit. From canyons, forests and mountains to creeks and wildlife, your hike is guaranteed to be memorable. With endless trail options within close proximity to the resort, we’ve curated our top hikes for every skill level.

large rock formation during daytime

Boynton Canyon

MODERATE | 500FT | 2.8MI

This 6.2 mile roundtrip moderate hike is one of the most popular Sedona hikes.

Ancient Indian ruins are hidden within the splendor of the Boynton Canyon. Boynton Canyon is a sacred canyon and origin place to the Yavapai-Apache, Hopi and Navajo as well as other tribes. The Boynton Canyon Trail is an easy walk from Enchantment Resort and is an easy trail to navigate. The Boynton Canyon Trail levels in the center of the canyon and is partially shaded by juniper, oak, cypress and pinyon trees. If you are hiking in the summer months, this trail is desired as it can cool 10-15 degrees back in the canyon.

large rock formation during daytime

Vista (Kachina Woman)

EASY | 117FT | .25MI

This .5 mile roundtrip hike is location to one of Sedona’s Vortex sites.

The Vista Trail is an easy walk from Enchantment Resort and is a great hike for the entire family. On this trail you’ll come across a popular Sedona Vortex, located on and around the knoll facing the Kachina Woman formation. Sacred to local Native American tribes, the rock is a symbolic of part of their creation story. This hike takes less than one hour roundtrip.

large rock formation and forest during daytime

Bear Mountain

STRENUOUS | 1900FT | 2.5MI

The Bear Mountain trail offers breathtaking views of striking red rock formations.

Recommended for experienced hikers, this 5-mile roundtrip hike includes a vertical climb of 2,000 feet and panoramic views at its peak. The trail takes hikers uphill for two+ hours but the excellent workout is worth it as you’ll experience some of the undisputed best views in Sedona. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see the entire Verde Valley, including Mingus and Munds Mountain ranges. Bring plenty of water, sun protection, food and your camera. A Red Rock parking pass is required.

person hiking towards a large rock formation during daytime

Fay Canyon

EASY | 0FT | 1.2MI

Fay Canyon is the perfect trail for the entire family. This hike starts off on a gorgeous, red sand path and just gets better and better as you continue your trek.

A good trail for any skill level, this one-mile hike leads hikers into the canyon before coming to an end at a magnificent, naturally formed arch. If you are a little more adventurous, you can hike up a steep 100-foot climb to enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding area. The Fay Canyon trail runs along Bear Mountain and provides sites of Native American ruins as well.

More Hiking Trails

Brins Mesa

MODERATE | 600FT | 3.2MI

This versatile trail offers many side excursions and is divided into three sections.

Featuring a one-mile easy hike which turns into a moderate trail up to the plateau, or a .75-mile hike to the top of Brins Mesa, where the path meets Soldier’s Pass trailhead. You can also hike 1.5 miles ot the Jordan Road trailhead featuring great views of the Mesa Rim. Keep going another 250 feet and the views get better.

Long Canyons Trail

MODERATE | 580FT | 3.7MI

An alluring escape within the Secret Mountain wilderness, offering access to Sedona’s scenic red rocks.

Long Canyon is a wide and relatively level trail that welcomes hikers of all skill levels. Maroon Mountain, Wilson Mountain and other unnamed cliffs and arches are visible from the trail. Your hike ends at a red sandstone cliff where small Indian ruins and rock pictographs await for viewing.

Mescal Trail

EASY | 230FT | 2.5MI

The Mescal Trail head is an easy walk from Enchantment Resort.

This trail is great for the entire family and offers sweeping views from Mescal Mountain and voted one of the best red rock hikes in Sedona. This hike will take around two hours.

Mescal Trail Loop

MODERATE | 230FT | 4.5MI

This moderate hike just gets better and better.

The Mescal Trail Loop is an easy walk from Enchantment Resort. This moderate hike offers panoramic views of Secret Mountain Wilderness and clear across Sedona to Courthouse Butte. The trail leads you through a Red Rock corridor eventually connecting to Dead Man’s Pass Trail.