Mii amo, a destination spa journey

We look forward to sharing more about the thoughtful design enhancements, exclusive Journey amenities and all-new guest experiences to come when Mii amo re-opens in the spring of 2022. We invite you to stay connected during this Journey through our email newsletters, on social media and via this website, which will feature continuously new content designed to keep you Seeking In.

While we are paused at Mii amo, select body treatments, skin care services, massage, mindfulness, fitness and other experiences will be provided by the same team of caring, intuitive therapists in a space being especially created for you at Enchantment Resort. We will be sharing more about this bridge to the staff, services and experiences you have come to love with you very soon.

Learn more about what we will be offered at Enchantment Resort.

Experience Endless Adventure

Discover the unique experiences at Enchantment Resort in Sedona. Whether you prefer hitting the links or the trails, nurturing your artistic side or sculpting your body, you’ll never tire of the options.