close-up of trees and moon

Full Moon Hikes

Spring 2021

The Full Moon represents the culmination, energy, completion, fruition and celebration as well as releasing and shedding the old to pave way for a whole new cycle that includes letting things go that no longer serve you.

  • Full Moon Hike
    Begin this fabulous hike on the trails just before sunset and watch as the moon rises over the red rocks. Hike back at twilight as the moon begins to glow above.
  • Native American Full Moon Hike
    Join our Native American hiking guide on a beautiful local trail outside of Enchantment Resort. Learn about the traditions of the Apache, as well as their use of plants for food and medicine and how they honor the natural world. The red rocks will come alive for you in a whole new way under the light of the full moon.


Weather permitting. Ages 14 and over.

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Full Moon Hike

  • February 27           July 24+25
    March 28+29         August 22+23
    April 27*                September 20+21
    April 28                  October 20+21
    May 26                   November 19+20
    June  24+25          December 18


Native American Full Moon Hike

  • February 26                August 21
    March 27                     September 19
    April 26                       October 19
    May 25                        November 18
    June 23                       December 17
    July 23
  • Time: to be determined
  • Meet at the Trail House